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The air is cold and heavy and with the tantalizing clear taste of finality. The Canadian winter has set in early this year; atleast, thats what they say. This is my first Canadian winter so I wouldn’t really know. My old, grey hoodie works adequately though and I’m warm even if my unclothed hands and bare face are numb from the cold and feel alien to me like some vestigial extension of myself that should not be. This is my first snowfall ever. Fresh snow is so very pretty and pure. I found that out first-hand last night. The tiniest bit of dirt you spread on it sticks out like a sore thumb and when you try to rectify your error, it just disturbs the layer more, leaving behind your insignificant attempts and your ugly hand-prints as irrevocable, concrete evidence. Scanty, inconsequential futility imprinted ┬áin mocking travesty. Sometimes, you just have to learn to let things be. Do you know what else fresh snow is good for though? For walking on. The flakes provide sufficient friction for you to walk surely on. Once it is condensed and compacted though, the same turns icy and slippery and difficult. A couple of days later, when the sun finally peeks out, the remnants of the same picturesque snow is nothing but ugly, half-melted, compacted ice mixed with dirt and bits of grass. … continue reading this entry.