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KTM revisited. October 5th- November 8th, 2010.

Writer’s Note: If you are looking for excitement, adventure and thrill, now is not the time and place for it. There’s a time and place for everything; for the aforementioned features, this is not it.

That was pretty much it. Insanity loomed close. A couple of packets of Cheese Balls, a few swigs of the wine left from last night, and a movie starring Dev Anand that was shot in Kathmandu later, the craving for the nicotine was just too great to mortally endure silently (I did yell out randomly a couple of times during the afternoon alarming my unsuspecting mother who was quietly ironing some clothes). Man can only put up with so much. That to me poses the single, greatest challenge of living at home- the need for the cigarettes. I’ve been trying to quit for as long as I remember smoking. I am not blessed with a strong will and driven integrity. But that’s just me. Please adjust accordingly. We were supposed to go watch Anjaana Anjaani and I politely offered to head out and purchase the tickets for later.  Plus after living in Bangalore for so long, staying at home in the Kathmandu suburbs and listening to the silence is deafening. The metropolitan call is just too persuasive to ignore. … continue reading this entry.