september rushes never end.

Swear to me,
swear on me-
That nothing is ever going to change.

It moves away,
chugging steadily over
endless sleepers.
Miles over miles laid
Promises to keep promises
Jaded truths and faded white
lies and sleepless nights and drunken times.

It all rushes away;
It never stops.
Rolling steadily past the alleyways
washed clean in these September
showers, they shine.
Faces blur and dresses fray,
in the windy turmoil of the day.

What could have been and what should-
these taunting pixies never tell.
hovering brightly amidst these
city lights dimmed by the break of dawn.
Their muted, rancorous laughter
drown out the sound of
the pouring rain; piercing stares-
they elevate my pain.

It just won’t stop;
Helpessly I watch; I can’t make it.
It moves, races, and shrinks away
turning gradually into a speck
vanishing into the grim, gray scenery.
As I stand here naked and drenched between the tracks
clutching my thumping, torn-out,
bleeding heart in my trembling hands;


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