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moving to a new location.

This blog has been temporarily suspended until further notice.


familiarity vs annoyance. round 1.

It has been a long time since I’ve devoted any time to my posts. Its not like I didn’t have much to write about; procrastination just led to things piling up one above the other and I couldn’t really begin to get myself to start unraveling all those tangled strings of thoughts and put it down coherently into something singular. Even now, I’m not really writing this with any point in mind; but I do feel a sense of direction. I even tried to write a few posts earlier but at the end of the day, all I really had to show for my efforts are some random incomplete drafts. Maybe I can make this about the last few weeks of my life which really wasn’t much. Just random college hours, a few obligatory and a few spontaneous outings, odd hours on the Xbox strung together to complete a picture of a mundane, unexciting lifestyle in its very essence. Be as that may- a rather comfortable one as well. Sometimes, there is more to life than the larger picture; robotic drifting through the cycles for one, bundled with an abundance of familiar, friendly routine and the ability to whizz past time. ┬áNothing exciting has happened around for quite a bit now. But then my adrenalin is produced in fewer circumstances now. Adapt. … continue reading this entry.

music heals me. thank you, music.

It is the same sad song I sing on repeat,
Listen in closely,
the joke’s on me,
maybe for a fleeting instant you will feel
the misery and melancholy lining my world;
lost and alone,
stuck between the words.

Sit by my fire and listen in
into music played over
frayed heart strings.
Notes that sting,
and claw and tear into
illusions of everything you hold dear.

The night is far from over
and I will go on singing
until dawn breaks and
sunshine floods these broken walls;
Tunes that drip with confusion and despair,
Verses that I have so lovingly prepared.

Sit by me beside my fire,
Merrily cackling and burning endlessly on.
Sing with me, swing by me.
Won’t you please join in, chant and share my music with me?