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the reclusive bastard

He never seemed the type-
I could see it in his eyes,
Introverted with his hermit head always looking away.
The only gregarious streak he had-
his dense hair growing berserk. Lawless.
Lost in his thoughts, he mirrored no one.
Nothing reached him and his vacant eyes.
They called him a snob and
pointed accusing fingers his way
as he went, on his own, down the deserted alley of his own making.
The opportunity did arise eventually-
and when it did, he did screw me over.
Everyone jumped with glee and sang-
“I fucking knew it! He is a total bastard!”

The next day, he cut his hair short and fit right in
with the rest of them.


the hynea, the vulture and the hippo.

They were an unusual platter of friends.

She was inflammably plastic and the doctor had advised she to stay away from open fires. He was a pathological ass-kisser. Her was ordinary personified; ordinary to South India and wore her stereotype snugly around her neck.

They met each other after been subject to a common environment and immediately took a strong dislike to each other. However, complaining to one about the other and having the latter expose the hate-laden rants to the third left very little secrets between them. When the cycle was complete, life was infused into the newly born friendship.

She couldn’t help stop laughing at the smallest things, at inappropriate things, to just fill in the potentially awkward silences. She was born with a deformity- a congenital neoplastic zygomaticus major that wouldn’t give contraction a pause. … continue reading this entry.