*borrowed mood elevator*

Movie gossip. College gossip. Movie gossip. College.
Even trying hurt his insides now, bringing with it uncontrolled tremors and vehement chills. The faces, painted and tattooed, were crafted, adeptly, to smile and seduce, make promises. The feathers on the back of his neck bristled; anger was key. Deep anger layered above with petty annoyance and embellished with carefree apathy. She was dancing into a marriage he thought would end in another primal male-female ritualistic symbiosis, with her worshipping the ground he walks on and him, well, being him. He did not care enough to intervene though. That and the fact that it wasn’t his place to. Everyone needs something to look forward to. Time drags its paralyzed hind limbs forward slowly when you are willing it to fly gracefully by. Slow motion begins with an inceptive attempt. Sands of time only obey gravity. Voices are harder to drown out when they only fluctuate when they get louder.

– He is verrryy strict with his sisters.
   Age difference, no?
– Oh my God! I cannot believe this!
  (Indecipherable squeal)
– He says someone has to be strict otherwise these girls will be out of control, no?
– Oh my God! I cannot believe it!
  (Routine, practised, encouraging, neutral squeal)
Sighs don’t push forward. Nor does it alleviate suffering. He knew that now.

– …I don’t get her at all.
– Mmmm…
– What blunder she does!
– Someone told me…
Coupled couple of people drunk on current affairs of a minimal scale, intoxicated, singing, and boisterous on an adequate proportion. Power sleeves.

10:15 AM.
It was time. He walked to the sterilization room, cheatle forceps in hand. A decoy, a mundane task that blended in perfectly into their gray routine. He opened the hot air oven and spit the phlegm collected over the past hour deliberately into the sterilized forceps and probes and mouth mirrors after he had picked up a periosteal elevator- hot, clean, microbe-free. The metal singed his numb hand like the voices did his numb ears 34 hours a week. Zombied, he walked to the wash basin where he had diligently dug a hole in the wall, forehead level, with his now abraded nails that were now scarred with dirt and blood clots and under them. He inserted the elevator, pointed side facing outwards in open defiance. The chatter continued as he walked to the other side of the clinic between the neatly lined rows of dilapated dental chairs with their blood-stained spittons. He turned around as his life did too- synchronized to the second. Incepted slow motion.

It still did not work.
A slow measured step later, he broke into a wide, ecstatic grin and open sprint racing across the clean marbled floor as everything around him blurred into insignificant shadows. He could faintly make out a knowing smile Madan stood smiling. Did not matter.
From the corner of his eyes, he discerned the Pervert with a Final year student on the chair, waiting for an extraction
– If it is used, don’t get the drape, he declared authoratively.
– Okay relax, Ashwini. Soft, loving, soothing voice coated in sugary deceit.
– This will hurt but I can’t help it, okay?
– Okay open your eyes. Open your eyes, please, Ashwini. Ashwini, open your eyes, he urged as his conniving eyes took in her trembling form before him. The mouthmask completely concealed the sneer and the drooling. He probed and dug fervently as the dense hair on his forehands trembled with excitement.
– Okay its out. See, no soft tissue, no bone. Just the tooth.
The Pervert displays the tooth on his outstretched open palm for all to see and appreciate and envy with a flourish. Everything he does ends in a flourish and self-assessed perfect showmanship.
– Take it home, Ashwini. Show it to your parents. See- clean! he beams in self-worship.
-Magic! he claims before sticking his magic wand up his rectum amid mild squirming discomfort. He degloves and sticks the blood-stained gloves into the pocket of his neatly pressed white lab coat.

They was history as far as he was concerned just as he was history as far as they were concerned.

A last feeble attempt to include him in conversation falls flat on its ugly, acid-burnt face. He was already in motion with momentum building.
– I studied for 6-7 hours for every exam.
– What?
– I have been studying since I was an (infant)…
– Baby elephant?
Indignation. I am not apologizing for a handicap. Three quintal of facial tissue contorts into obvious displeasure at the poorly perceived hearing. Ego bears the burden of holding people up. We will all soon evolve sufficiently for the spine to be vestigeal and the ego to take physical form
If you patronize me, I’ll play along and build you up, just to bring you down.

– Your keypad sounds like…
– Like a typewriter? I know.
State-the-obvious. BUZZ!!! Wrong stuff. You die. Thanks for playing.

“Fuck you”- screams of exhilaration as the deadly wall rushed closer. A precise stab, a sudden stop, a final drop. Numb.
One last attempt- Sigh! That one hit the spot just right.


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  1. kriti Said:

    love it:) will be waiting for more.

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