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me minus two wisdom teeth.

Pain- An unpleasant emotional experience initiated by noxious stimuli and transmitted over a specialized neural network to the central nervous system, where it is interpreted as such.

I am in pain; a lot of it. And its not the kind of mental trauma that leads to good art, the kind they claim gets your creativity soaring. No, I’m talking about the somatic kind, the kind that results from getting two of your third molars extracted on the same day. The kind of pain that makes you hit a block after five sentences! (This blog is getting scraped. Fuck this!).


rain on the windshield

It is not only the drenched laughter or the smell of mud wafting on the breeze,
It is not only the red gulmohar petals contrasted on the washed black of the road,
It is not only the darkened skies and the rumbling promises of respite,
The rain speaks to me-
breathes in my ear and
envelopes me in the comfort of everything I can’t forget.

Luckily, he had carried his hoodie with him on that particular day. He put it on smugly as he stepped out into the rain and the cool evening air. … continue reading this entry.